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Set of 9 brushes and 1 dotting tool for Nail Art

  • Set of 9 brushes of different sizes and shapes
  • 1 Dotting tool oval
  • Designed for Nail Art or French Manicure
  • For use with gel or acrylic paint
  • Synthetic bristles

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  • This set of Nail Art brushes is ideal for your French Manicure and Arabesque. Curves, dots and lines will no longer hold any secrets for you. The application of colored gel near the cuticles is easy and precise. The softness and flexibility of the bristles allow for very precise applications of gels or paint. The geometrical shape of the bristle cut facilitates and regulates the flow of the material on the nail. This provides a comfort of work and an economy of products. The specific shape of the dotting tool allows precise applications of your nail art designs.

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