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The A.N.S™ is a combination of 3 products (bonder, powder and fix). This method can be learned easily and doesn't need long practices to obtain nice, thon and longlasting nails.

Acrylic Resins
Acrylic resins are made of a polymer and a monomer. The combination of this 2 products makes a paste that hardens from itself while the Nail Technician is sculpting it onto the natural nail plate. This method is not as easy as the other ones, like UV gels or A.N.S, but the final results and the satisfaction of the accomplished work is uncomparable with other systems.

UV Gel
UV gels is a viscous product that you apply on natural nails with a brush and that you have to harden with UV rays. At this time it is the most trendy and used system for nails. This method gives you the opportunity to create Nail Art, French Manucure, and many other things...

All-in trainings 

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