UV Gels for Nail extensions made for quality results and extraordinnary natural look.


  • Base

    Base Gels are made to promote adhesion between builder gels and the natural nail plate. They are available in different colors and viscosities.

  • Builder

    Builder gels are made to build artificial nails. The builder gels are used to create nice and natural looking nails with super strength features. Astra Nails Builder gels are available in different colours and viscosities. The hardness and flexility of the catalysed UV Gels is variable depending on the Builder Gels you are using.

  • Top

    Finishing gels are very bright gels that exist in different viscosities and are presented in jars or flasks. All our finishing gels are compatible with UV gels, A.N.S and acrylic.

  • Kapping

    Selection of UV Gels for the easy realization of your kapping nails

  • All-in-one

    The All In One range consists of 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 gels, which can be applied in one, two or three layers. Each gel has very specific properties. Some gels do not require base gel or finishing gel.

  • French

    French Manicure gels are white gels that exist in different viscosities, but also in different whites. From extreme white to very light white for a more natural result. Each color gel can be mixed to personalize your white.

  • Camouflage

    Camouflage gels are used to lengthen short nail plates or simply to give another glint to the natural nail.

  • B by Astra Nails

    Gamme de Gel UV de couleur

  • Led's Go

    LED's Go gels are gels that can catalyze under all UV, LED and CCFL lamps. Construction gel, finish or French, are easy to apply, they are very strong and do not heat during the catalyzation.

  • Gel UV Nail Art
  • PediGels

    Pedi Gels are especially designed for use on the feet.

  • Colored

    Permanent color gels are highly pigmented, apply as a thin layer and often require only one coat. Wide range of colors constantly increased by new trendy colors. All colored gels can be mixed together to create unique colors.

  • Accessories

    Range of accessories for the use of UV Gels.