In classroom

The All-in trainings
The All-in trainings are complete and review every steps and important details of a perfect set of nails. The All-in trainings are given in a long period of time. The All-in trainings are recommended and are necessary to people that wants to become a real professionals.

The Workshop
Workshops are specific short trainings that focus on a particular nail art system or aspect of nail art.

The Initiations
The initiations are short trainings that gives you the opportunity to try the Nail Stylism before you engage yourself in a basic training or your new professional life...

In classroom 

  • Starter training

    The starter training is the basis for nail application. This training focuses on one technique from the ground up. It allows beginners to gain a thorough knowledge of a single technique that is the fundamental knowledge of nail styling. Once this technique is acquired, it will be possible for the student to add other skills by adding additional learning modules.

  • All-in trainings

    The A.N.S™ is a combination of 3 products (bonder, powder and fix). This method can be learned easily and doesn't need long practices to obtain nice, thon and longlasting nails.

    Acrylic Resins
    Acrylic resins are made of a polymer and a monomer. The combination of this 2 products makes a paste that hardens from itself while the Nail Technician is sculpting it onto the natural nail plate. This method is not as easy as the other ones, like UV gels or A.N.S, but the final results and the satisfaction of the accomplished work is uncomparable with other systems.

    UV Gel
    UV gels is a viscous product that you apply on natural nails with a brush and that you have to harden with UV rays. At this time it is the most trendy and used system for nails. This method gives you the opportunity to create Nail Art, French Manucure, and many other things...

  • Workshops

    Workshops are complementary training sessions that allow you to discover new products or learn new techniques. If you already master the basics of nail art, but you want to improve your skills in French, colored gel, to work faster, etc.. These trainings are for you!

    We also organize "tailor-made" trainings to answer the most precise points of the techniques you wish to acquire. Do not hesitate to ask us.

  • Initiation

    The purpose of this training is to introduce you to the UV, the acrylics or the A.N.S. Demonstrations and full explanations will be proposed during this initiation. Without being accompanied by a model, you will apply the gel (or other) on a fingernail of a Nail Trainer. Without any commitment and entirely FREE, this initiation is ideal for anyone who wants to try an unknown method.