In classroom
Training given physically in class from 4 to 6 students per teacher. 
Students are carefully monitored during class.  Corrective guidelines and tips are given during the sessions, to discover, learn or improve their knowledge and skills.  The skills acquired during the training sessions are essential to the good development of your future career as a nail stylist.

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  • In classroom

    The All-in trainings
    The All-in trainings are complete and review every steps and important details of a perfect set of nails. The All-in trainings are given in a long period of time. The All-in trainings are recommended and are necessary to people that wants to become a real professionals.

    The Workshop
    Workshops are specific short trainings that focus on a particular nail art system or aspect of nail art.

    The Initiations
    The initiations are short trainings that gives you the opportunity to try the Nail Stylism before you engage yourself in a basic training or your new professional life...