About us

Our company

An Astra Nails product is designed according to one requirement : to be the best in its category.

Astra nails creates the conditions of tranquility to reassure professionals : each product benefits from the best raw materials for its manufacture. Once designed, it is tested for at least 6 months before being placed on the market. Our company is constantly involved in a quality approach to products, services and people.
For us, each partner is unique. The commercial relationship we have with him is above all a personal relationship of quality. Our high-level training aimed at opening an institute or creating a productive distribution center.


  • Perfect quality
  • Value for money
  • Innovation
  • Fast delivery
  • Technical advise

Our mission

Improve the appearance of women's nails and thus contribute to their well-being

Our vision

By designing and marketing pleasant products and trainings that women can identify us with, we naturally attract competent and willing partners who are committed to transmit our quality and know-how.

Our values

  • Customer friendly
  • Engagement et responsibility
  • Fun and dynamic
  • Respect and ethics
  • Profitable
  • Distinction
  • Positiveness
  • permanent improvement