• Gel

    UV Gels for Nail extensions made for quality results and extraordinnary natural look.

  • Gel Polish

    Astra Nails Gel Polish is a new range of semi-permanent varnishes. The bottles of Gel Polish have a volume of 10ml; the brushes have been studied for a precise and economical application. The pigments used to create this range of Gel Polish are super fine and extremely smooth, which gives an incomparable suppleness and fluidity of application.


    The Easy Gel Tips system (better known as American caps) is one of the easiest techniques to learn in order to quickly achieve very long stiletto, ballerina, oval or square nails with a beautiful curved shape.

  • Varnigel

    Semi-permanent varnish that lasts at least 14 days without peeling off.

  • Acrylics

    Nail system made of 2 component, the monomer (liquid) and the polymer (powder), once combined it hardens from itselfs.

  • ANS

    Acrylic Nails System - Product developed exclusively by Astra Nails based on the acrylic system and combining the ease of application of Gel. The A.N.S method is without a doubt the easiest of techniques for extending and fortifying natural nails. This method is compatible with all other methods.

  • Tips - Forms & Glues

    This category concerns all products used for the preparation of the artificial nails exetension.

  • Primers & Solvents

    This category concerns the solvents necessary for the good realization of the application and the dissolution of the artificial nails.

  • Drills & Lamps

    This whole chapter is about the electrical equipment you need to make it easier to apply nail products.

  • Files & Brushes

    This whole chapter is about the tools you need for the smooth running of artificial nail application techniques.

  • Nail Art

    All for the decoration of your nails.

  • Polishes & Nail Care

    Nail polish or Nail Care for impeccable nails.

  • Accessories

    All accessories for nailstyling.

  • Eyelashes

    Range of products for eyelash treatments.