• Gel

    UV Gels for Nail extensions made for quality results and extraordinnary natural look.

  • Varnigel

    Semi-permanent varnish that lasts at least 14 days without peeling off.

  • Acrylics

    Nail system made of 2 component, the monomer (liquid) and the polymer (powder), once combined it hardens from itselfs.

  • ANS

    Acrylic Nails System - Product developed exclusively by Astra Nails based on the acrylic system and combining the ease of application of Gel. The A.N.S method is without a doubt the easiest of techniques for extending and fortifying natural nails. This method is compatible with all other methods.

  • Tips - Forms & Glues

    This category concerns all products used for the preparation of the artificial nails exetension.

  • Primers & Solvents

    This category concerns the solvents necessary for the good realization of the application and the dissolution of the artificial nails.

  • Drills & Lamps

    This whole chapter is about the electrical equipment you need to make it easier to apply nail products.

  • Files & Brushes

    This whole chapter is about the tools you need for the smooth running of artificial nail application techniques.

  • Nail Art

    All for the decoration of your nails.

  • Polishes & Nail Care

    Nail polish or Nail Care for impeccable nails.

  • Accessories

    All accessories for nailstyling.

  • Eyelashes

    Range of products for eyelash treatments.

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