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UV Gel All-in Training

  • Very trendy technique
  • Easy to learn
  • Good results in short time
  • Certificate at the end of the training
  • Possibility to take an exam in order to achieve your diploma

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  • The All-In training is designed and recommended for people with little or no knowledge of nail art. If you want to become a professional nail stylist? Then this course is for you! In only 30 hours of classes, you will learn the basics necessary to become a true nail professional. Repeated practice of the different techniques is an integral part of our training system, it has an important place in the success of your learning. That's why we offer you 6 sessions of 3 hours of additional training after you have passed your exam. These additional courses will allow you to perfect certain aspects such as speed, dexterity or solidity, etc. These additional training sessions are valid for six months following your last training session depending on your and our availability.

    The topics covered during the training are:

    • basic manicure
    • the application of gel nails
    • extension on tips
    • extension on papper forms
    • french manicure
    • application of color
    • different fillings (French and color)
    • filing with a file
    • filing with a drill
    • application of semi-permanent polish
    • ...

    All-in training is available in our different systems, such as UV Gel and Acrylic Resin.

    The delivery of the All-in training is organized in two different ways. The first one is, the courses are spread over 10 weeks, that is to say 1 course session per week. The second way is, the courses are grouped in 5 consecutive days, that is to say 2 sessions per day. Please note that the All-in courses, grouped in 1 week, are only organized four times a year. Places are limited! Book in time.

    Training program :

    Session 1: preparation of the nail and application of the natural look tips (nail trainer)
    Session 2 : preparation of the nail and application of the colored tips look (nail trainer)
    Session 3 : preparation of the nail and application of the French look tips (nail trainer)
    Session 4 : application of gel on nail trainer
    Session 5 : manicure and preparation of the nail and gel on colored tips look (model 1)
    Session 6 : manicure and preparation of the nail and gel on chablon colored look (model 1)
    Session 7 : filling (model 2)
    Session 8 : filling (model 2)
    Session 9: application of colored semi-permanent varnish and French
    Session 10 : Examination (model 3)

    Kit contents :

    1 UV Lamp 36 watt
    1 Natural Clear Tips - 250 pcs
    1 LED's GO Builder Gel
    1 Rectiline
    1 Magic Sculpt
    1 Premium
    1 VARNIGEL Base
    1 VARNIGEL Top
    1 Triangle Brush
    1 Large Beauty Bag
    1 Classic Colored Gel
    1 Colored Gel
    1 Gel Brushes
    1 Gel Brushes
    1 Antiseptic Nail Spray
    1 Universal Primer
    1 Dotting Tool
    1 Decoration Brushes
    4 Half Moon File
    1 Hand Butter - Hand Cream with Shea Butter - 50ml
    1 Cleany Gel
    1 Astra Bond
    1 Nail Tips Edge Cutter
    1 Brush on glue
    1 Cuticul Knife
    2 Half Moon Zebra X 100-100
    1 Blush Brush
    60 Square Wipe 1pc
    50 Small Paper Forms
    1 Buff Block White

  • Downpayment EUR 400.00 HTVA
    Time 9 sessions
    Service Training follow-up