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  • Easy application
  • Liquid base
  • Ideal for soft, brittle, devitalized and damaged nails
  • Dissolves easily
  • Lasts a minimum of 14 days

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    • The Nourishing Base is applied to a grease-free nail
    • It is catalyzed under UV lamp in 2 minutes or under LED lamp in 30 seconds
    • This Base contains vitamins E and B as well as calcium
    • It can be combined with Astra Bond for a better hold



    1. After preparing the nail, apply a layer of Nourishing Base and catalyze under UV or LED light
    2. Apply a layer of Gel Polish and catalyze under the UV or LED lamp
    3. Apply a second layer of Gel Polish and catalyze under UV or LED lamp
    4. Finish with a layer of Top and catalyze under UV or LED lamp
    5. Clean the sticky layer with Cleany Gel


    To remove :

    1. File the free edge of the nail
    2. Scratch the color with a file
    3. Soak the nails for 5 minutes in hot water
    4. Then, place the wrappers soaked in Consomable Remover on the nails and leave for a good 5 minutes
    5. Remove the paper and remove the color with a stick
  • Opacity Transparent
    Color Colorless
    Type of color Transparent
    Gender of color Solid
    Drying time under UV lamp 120 seconds
    Drying time under LED lamps 30 seconds
    Drying time under CCFL & LED lamps 30 seconds

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