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Starter training with tips

  • the basic mini manicure
  • the application of Tips
  • the application of the color

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825,00 €

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  • Benefits:
    This course has been developed for people wishing to start a career as a nail stylist by focusing on a single technique. The advantage of this type of training lies in the mastery of this technique. Once you have completed this training and mastered the technique, you will have acquired the basics of being a nail stylist. Then, you will be able to increase your skills by following additional and specific training courses, for example gel on tips, semi-permanent varnish, manicure, nail art, etc.

    In practice :
    This training is given in 5 consecutive days during which you will address the following points.

    •     The basic manicure
    •     The application of the nail polish
    •     Application of gel
    •     Filing with a file and sander
    •     Application of colour
    •     Touching up

    Training programme :
    Monday 10am-3pm: Gel application on the practice hand and filing technique with file and drill. Application of paper forms on the practice hand.
    Tuesday 10:00am-3:00pm: application of paper forms and gel on a model
    Wednesday 10am-3pm: application of paper forms and coloured gel on a model
    Thursday: 10 am - 3 pm: application of paper forms and gel on a model
    Friday: 10 am - 3 pm: refill of Tuesday's model and giving of certificate
    Products included in the course :
    1 LED's GO Builder Gel
    1 Cold pink gel
    1 Rectiline
    1 VARNIGEL Base
    1 VARNIGEL Top
    1 Gel Polish
    1 Gel Brushes
    1 Gel Brushes nail art
    1 Antiseptic Nail Spray
    1 Universal Primer
    1 Half Moon File
    1 Half Moon File coarse
    1 Cleany Gel
    1 Astra Bond
    1 Nail filer set
    1 Cuticul Knife
    1 Nail brush cleaner
    250 Nail Tips
    1 Brush on Glue
    1 Buff Block White
    20 Wipes