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Liquid acrylique Fusion

  • Dries in a homogeneous manner
  • Less odor
  • Ideal for beginners

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30,96 €

  • 100 ml
  • 250 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 2000 ml

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    • Acrylic liquid Fusion (monomer) suitable for acrylic powder (polymer) Fusion.
    • Can be applied on tips and paperforms.
    • Dries slowly.

    1. Mix the liquid fusion (monomer) and the powder fusion (polymer) to make acrylic nails or acrylic nail art.
    2. Dip the brush into the liquid fusion (monomer) and just after into the powder fusion (polymer) while making a small ball of resin.
    3. Place the small ball of resin onto the well-prepared nail plate and sculpt it to obtain the wanted shape.
    4. The acrylic resin hardens from itself. The combined mixture of monomer and polymer catalyzes automatically. 

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