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Very viscous builder gel with a milky pink color.

  • Very viscous
  • Self-leveling
  • Doesn't warm
  • Milky Pink
  • Good for nail extensions
  • Solid and flexible

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  • 15 gr
  • 50 gr

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    • Very viscous builder gel that doesn't warm and that is pink colored.
    • We recommend this gel to sensitive people. We also recommend it for nail extensions and French Manucures.

    1. Prepare the natural nail according to the application techniques teached by Astra Nails.
    2. Apply the COLD PINK GEL nail by nail by alternating hands. 
    3. Cure each nails about 30 seconds under the UV LAMP 36 WATT or 10 seconds under the ULTIMATE UV LAMP - LED & CCFL.  
    4. Cure the nails of both hands for 2 minutes under the UV LAMP 36 WATT or 60 seconds under the ULTIMATE UV LAMP - LED & CCFL.
  • Viscosity Level 5 on a scale of 5
    Opacity Opaque
    Color Colorless
    Type of color Middle
    Gender of color Solid
    Drying time under UV lamp 120 seconds
    Drying time under LED lamps Doesn't dry under LED lamps
    Drying time under CCFL & LED lamps 60 seconds

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