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Semi-permanent nail polish

  • Solid
  • Flexible
  • Ideaal for small extensions on nail paper forms
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be used as a base

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20,35 €

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    • The Strong & Go can be applied directly on a degreased nail plate and after the application of the Primer.
    • It is recommended to apply Varnigel base on greasy nails or for extensions. 
    • The Strong & Go catalysis under the UV, LED or CCFL lamp.
    1. After application of the Varnigel Base, apply a thin or thick layer according to the desired result and catalyze 30 sec under the UV LAMP 36 WATT or 10 sec under the LED or ULTIMATE UV LAMP - LED & CCFL by alternating hands.
    2. Then catalyze the entire hand for 2 minutes under the UV LAMP 36 WATT and 30 seconds under the LED or ULTIMATE UV LAMP - LED & CCFL.
    3. Clean the sticky layer with the Cleany Gel and file very lightly with a very soft file.
    4. You can then apply the Varnigel color.

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