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Semi-permanent base coat

  • With E and B5 vitamins
  • Durability 14 days
  • Easly removable with the Consumable Ultra Sonic Nail Remover
  • No filing needed
  • Made for breakable, dry and fragile nails

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  • VARNIGEL BASE SUPER SOAK OFF is enriched with vitamin E and B5. VARNIGEL BASE SUPER SOAK OFF is recommended for dry, brittle and fragile nails. The VARNIGEL BASE SUPER SOAK OFF stays minimum 14 days and dissolves very quickly. The VARNIGEL ™ SUPER SOAK OFF BASE is easy to apply and catalyzes 120 seconds under a UV lamp 36 watts or 30 seconds under a LED lamp.


    Additional information :

    VARNIGEL ™ BASE SUPER SOAK OFF treats nails due to the vitamins it contains. The VARNIGEL ™ BASE SUPER SOAK OFF formula is designed to reduce the dissolution time. The VARNIGEL BASE SUPER SOAK OFF is suitable for all types of nails. It is especially recommended to improve the quality of the natural nail. VARNIGEL BASE SUPER SOAK OFF is rich in vitamin and provides a deep treatment to the end user.


    Instructions :

    1. Disinfect and degrease the nails with NAIL ANTISEPTIC.
    2. Push back the cuticles and cut them if necessary.
    3. File the shape of the nails and apply the ASTRA BOND.
    4. Apply the VARNIGEL™ BASE SUPER SOAK OFF on the nail, without touching the cuticles and the sides. Catalyze 120 seconds under the UV lamp 36 watts or 30 seconds under the LED lamp.
    5. Apply a second layer of the color if necessary and catalyse.
    6. Apply the VARNIGEL™ top and catalyse 120 secondes under the UV lamp 36 watts or 30 secondes under the LED lamp.
    7. Clean the sticky layer with the CLEANY GEL.


    Tips :

    In order to obtain a better grip (more than 14 days), file the nail plate with a soft file (180 grit). Never forget to seal the free edge of the nail. Shake well each bottle. Never touch the cuticle and the sides.


    Remove :

    1. File the free edge of the nail with a soft file.
    2. Make deep scratches in the VARNIGEL ™ color using a file with a high roughness (80 or 100).
    3. Soak the cotton from the VARNIGEL™ WRAP with the CONSUMABLE ULTRASONIC NAIL REMOVER.
    4. Place the VARNIGEL™ WRAP on the nail and let rest at least 5 minutes.
    5. Remove one foil at a time and scrape the color using the orange wood stick.
    6. Shine the nail with a polisher.
    7. Apply the CUTI OIL on the cuticles and let the product penetrate by gently massaging the cuticles.


    Tips :

    To reduce the dissolution time, we advise you to soak the nails for 5 minutes in a bowl of hot water before applying the foils, but after filing the color.


    Caution of use :

    The VARNIGEL ™ BASE SUPER SOAK OFF should be used as a varnish. Do not expose to daylight or temperatures above 30C °. Use according to the application methods taught by Astra Nails.


    Storage :

    Keep your VARNIGEL ™ away from light at a constant temperature and below 30 ° C. This product is irritating and flammable please take precautions when handling or handling large quantities.

  • Viscosity Level 2 on a scale of 5
    Opacity Transparent
    Drying time under UV lamp 120 seconds
    Drying time under LED lamps 60 seconds
    Drying time under CCFL & LED lamps 30 seconds

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